Saturday, 26 January 2008

That magical moment

I realised this morning that I was very 'out of touch' with the garden. It's been pretty wet and miserable here recently, and I haven't been spending any time noticing what's happening, never mind doing anything productive in the garden.

Today as I went to the garage for something I was stopped in my tracks as I spotted the "February Gold" daffodils growing strongly, and getting ready for their annual show. (February is a bit of a misnomer - they don't flower until early March here, although they do stand for a long time.)

Later on I spotted it - the first snowdrop in bloom! I grabbed my camera and squelched across the green bit that we call a lawn.

The first snowdrop. For me this is the sign of the start of the gardening year. I love snowdrops - they seem so frail, yet they are so strong; so vulnerable, yet so reliable. They seem to have an elegance and a purity that is unique. They speak to me of hope and resilience and faithfulness.

Not bad for a wee white flow'r! The magnificence of God's creation!


KJ said...

ah, it's beautiful. The 1st signs of of spring for me are the Texas wildflowers. We're still a few weeks away, but I always get so excited the 1st time I start to see the blooms!

Tess said...

Yes, the first few are out in my garden also.
When I planted them, I put a mixture of simple ones and double-flowered varieties. I regret the latter now, because the simplicity of the "common" single-flowered ones is to me what snowdrops are all about.
Beautiful photograph.