Tuesday, 22 January 2008

sunrise reflections

The sunrise was beautiful this morning. As I started my drive to work, there was the promise of something in the clouds - the leaden grey was breached by faint hints of gold. Then yellow stripes imposed themselves on the reluctant gloom. The grey adopted a blue tone as the glory unveiled itself. Soon the sun burst above the horizon fiery red, imposing itself on the reluctant Angus coastline.


And I didn't have my camera! Again! Hence the flowery description above.

Actually the real joy of this morning's sunrise was in the reflections. As the sun broke through, I was driving past a row of newly constructed houses on a hill, facing the sunrise. Every window in the street was glowing red. It was breathtaking (and I'm sure that's isn't said very often about these houses!). The view from inside must have been truly awe-inspiring.

I've attempted to recreate the effect below. I know it's 'a bit basic', and applying the label 'art' to this post is bordering on the farcical, but ... I blame 'Lucy' for making me even think about doing that... actually I should thank her for stimulating thoughts that have long lain dormant.


Tess said...

I just followed you here from Lucy's blog and although I don't know you I'm going to give you a stern telling off! Applying the label art to what you've done is not farcical. If you think like that then you won't free yourself up to let all that dormant stuff out.
I know, because those are exactly the same sort of things I've been saying to myself for years, but for the past few weeks I've been daring to try out different artistic
-type things. I doubt they're very good, but it doesn't matter. And believe me, I never thought I'd hear myself say that!
Anyway, here endeth the lesson, and I hope we'll see more of your creativity soon.
Best wishes, Tess ;-)

lucy said...

dear endlessly restless--thank you so much for 'speaking up' at my blog site. you probably cannot know how much your words inspired me!!! to know that i have encouraged someone else to tap into their creativity is a wonderful gift to me. and then to come here and see what you are doing...wow!!!

i love your description of the red glowing in the windows of the houses. i can see it in my mind's eye. and i am delighted that you have shared your artistic venture with us here. it speaks volumes of both your character and your desire.

i, too, had an amazing sunrise scene this morning although it included the moon setting and the sun just peaking into the horizon. it was a perfectly calm, clear, cold morning and all of the mountains in the area were standing tall in their brilliance rather than hiding behind gray clouds. the bright yellow, full moon watched over this scene and greeted me today.

thank you for this sunrise. i look forward to more of what you are doing!


lucy said...

p.s. listen to tess! she is a wise, creative woman!!!

Lins Honeyman said...

The sunrise WAS spectular! It was like God had let all the colours run. I've posted a photo of it on my blog but I think ER's drawing does the job nicely.

PS How comes you didn't have your camera at the time but you did have some paper and colouring pencils? Only joking! ;-)