Saturday, 12 January 2008

Network Rail ... has a silver lining!

I drove down to Ayrshire to visit my parents today. I would have travelled by train (as I was going on my own – it’s a bit more environmentally friendly, and would give me 4 hours of reading/ thinking time). However, Network Rail continue their outstanding (as in outstandingly bad!) record of never finishing a job when their supposed to. This meant that the normal 2 hour train journey would have taken about 1.5 days with 14 changes of station, trains and buses. Aye, I know I’m stretching a point, but I’m grumpy so I feel entitled to exaggerate.

Actually, they did me at least two favours. The drive down was beautiful. It was a cold, crisp morning, and the countryside was awesome. See Lins Honeyman’s blog for some photos. While I would have been able to see most of this from the train, I would have missed the view that I got of Arran as I approached Irvine today. The snow-capped hill tops rising above a layer of cloud at sea level was fantastic.

Secondly, on the way home this afternoon I was listening to the fitba’ on the radio, and enjoying the commentary on Hearts v Motherwell. Anyway, after the game had finished I hit a radio black spot. I scanned to see what stations I could pick up – nothing at all first time round. Second time around I got a signal from (BBC) Radio 3, It must be more than 20 years since I listened to Radio 3 and I would normally have just switched it off. But they were playing a version of Blue Skies by the Benny Goodman band. This is the music that my Dad loves – and used to play in his dance band days. So I listened on, thoroughly enjoyed it, and am listening to it again as I write this. (I must remember to tell Dad about the programme - Jazz Record Requests, Radio 3, 17:30-18:30 on Saturdays).

So thanks to Network Rail for these two happy accidents – but next time can you please fix the railways when you’re supposed to??!!!


Lins Honeyman said...

Radio 3 is my station of choice in the morning. Nice and gentle to wake up to!

I agree, the countryside was awesome this morning.

His Girl Friday said...

nice post, ER.

had to laugh at nice and hubby's radio-alarm starts soft then gets louder, which would be wonderful; however, he has it tuned into a heavy metal rock station...I had to roll out of bed to Iron Maiden at o-dark-thirty this morning... :/ ;)

Endlessly restless said...

I guess it's a sign of the times (or my age!) - I wake up to the news on Radio Scotland during the week and Classic FM at the weekend.

hgf - heavy metal!!!! You're either very understanding or mad!;-)

His Girl Friday said...

Yes!! :D