Thursday, 31 January 2008

Giving it up for Lent

I've never been too sure about Lent. It's probably because of the common association with "giving something up for Lent". Usually the 'something' is a self-indulgent luxury like chocolate or alcohol or tobacco... you get the idea.

I don't recall ever giving anything up. It's not due to a lack of willpower, just that I don't see any point.

But this year, I'm going to try something. I'm going to fast throughout Lent. Not a food fast (as those who know me would already have guessed!).
No, I'm going to join in with Tearfund's Carbon Fast. While I think that I'm quite aware of my impact on the environment, it'll be a good way to look at various aspects of my lifestyle and see how it really stacks up. It'll also be a good way of recognising the effect that climate change has on the poorest people on the planet - and thinking about the justice agenda associated with that.

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Tess said...

I like the idea of this Carbon Fast. Hope to join you.
Incidentally, last year I gave up alcohol for Lent, having pooh-poohed the idea of giving something up since schooldays when we weren't allowed to eat sweets.
Not even quite sure why I did it, but it was unexpectedly helpful. Every time I was out somewhere and was offered a drink, it was a reminder to think of Lent as a time of preparation and contemplation. I didn't feel deprived or sanctimonious, it helped me feel aware and live in the present.