Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Engaging with St George's Day

At this time each year, the spirea arguta blossoms in our garden. It seems so full of life and vitality as it froths over the surrounding plants. Until today I hadn't made a connection between this plant and St George's Day - and I still haven't really.

But there is a connection for us with 23 April each year. That was the day that the Fish Wife and I got engaged - 20 years ago today. The spirea is called "Bridal Wreath", so there is a tenuous connection.

We tend not to celebrate anniversaries - and I certainly don't celebrate St George's Day. But it is worth reflecting that we've now spent more than half of our lives together and for me our relationship is as frothy and lively as it was when we first met as students in St Andrews many years ago.


Mike Giggler said...

"Frothy and Lively????"

That Hideous Man said...

Well congratulations on two decades!

I remember my Mum saying to me that it was a special day.... but the date didn't really mean much to me. It turned out it was the day on which the amount of time she had spent married to my Dad, had overtaken the length of time she had been single! They've now clocked up over four decades together..

It'll be a while until Mrs Hideous and I reach such elevated status!

Here's to many more St George's days for you both!

PS what happened to my comment that I tried to post yesterday about your bald lawn?

His Girl Friday said...

Hi ER,

you've been 'tagged'!! :)


That Hideous Man said...

Just called in to see if there was a Friday Photo this week?!