Sunday, 27 April 2008


What is it with blog-tagging? I've managed to get tagged twice this weekend.
My first instinct is not to play - but that seems to be a joyless response (although it is an approach that I've adopted before!).
I don't mind playing - up to a point. But I'm not going to tag anyone else. If people want to play after seeing soemthing here then that's fine...
So first to HGF's tag (Anne Droid's might follow tomorrow)
Five things on my to-do-list for today
  • Write a nurture group study on Ehud (Judges 4);
  • Have breakfast together as a family
  • Go to church
  • Do some calligraphy
  • Get out into the garden (and do some work)
If I were a billionaire...
... I've never thought about it. I'd probably worry more though!
Three bad habits (only 3??)
  • Grumpiness
  • Accumulating books at a greater rate than I read them
  • Impatience
Five places I've lived
  • Melbourne
  • Irvine
  • St Andrews
  • Thurso
  • Perth
Five jobs I've had
I've really only ever been a bean-counter (in various guises!)
Five books I've read recently
  • John Smith by Andy McSmith
  • Praying in Color by Sybil MacBeth
  • Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller
  • The Incarnate God by John V Taylor
  • Keeping the Sabbath Wholly by Marva Dawn


His Girl Friday said...

Well, ER, I hope I won't add to your Grumpiness or Impatience, but I left off (and later added) the first question to the tag...which is 'What were you doing 10yrs ago'

...would you like a book for your birthday, to make up for this inconvenience? ;)

(thanks for playing) :)

lucy said...

is there no such thing as a bean counting billionaire? :)

Tess said...

Well of the three bad habits, I share your one on books. My others are procrastination and lack of discipline. Come to think of it, maybe one is simply a result of the other.