Thursday, 17 April 2008

That's two armfuls!!

Aye - I know I've been here before - done the Hancock thing...

But I was back at
Blood Suckers tonight -and gave a double helping. Honestly! They've got a new machine thingy that takes the blood out, separates the red cells, then puts the other bits back again. So you end up giving two lots instead of one. Apparently this is better for the ultimate recipient - to get two units from one person, rather than getting them from different people.

So they asked a bunch of guys who arrived at the same time as me if we fancied it - the rest opted for the dull, traditional way. But I wanted to give it a whirl. (My reckless side surfacing again!)

And I got to jump the queue!

And I got a lot of attention from two young women in uniform!

It also means that you have to wait 6 months between donations - but over a year you give a bit more than through the traditional method.

How cool is that?

There are limits as to who can do it - well, they don't want any common old blood! Actually, that is what they want - blood groups O and A; and there are height and weight issues, and blood iron levels. But if you get a chance - go on it's easy.

And as ever, I had the traditional
Tunnock's tea cake afterwards - you cannae beat it! (When did they start doing plain choclate tea cakes?)

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Dolly d said...

I learn more about what you are up to on here than I do in real life, and you give me a hard time for not telling you stuff, humph!