Sunday, 20 April 2008

on bald patches and new growth

No - I'm not getting treatment for the top of my head. I like it the way it is - as long as I've got a warm bunnet close at hand at all times (especially when the wind is coming in from the North Sea!)

Anyway, I was in the garden for a while today and after cutting the grass, I spent five minutes raking out the moss and thatch from a wee square in the middle of the garden. The lack of any actual grass growing is quite scary. It's also very frustrating, since it seems to grow very well where it's not wanted - in the flower beds, veg beds and in the gaps between paving slabs!

Tonight as I was reading Lins' entry about his voice diagnosis and Fiona's entry on Head Space, I realised that there are times when we need to take some radical action to sort things out. Whether it's decapitating Mr Potato Head, getting steamin' every night, or decimating your front lawn, maybe we all need to take time to identify the things that prevent us from doing the best that we can.

Think about my old back from time to time as I set about sorting out the grass (or lack of it) in the garden - and also the metaphorical thatch in my 'tattie heid'.

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Fiona said...

Been away for a week's holiday and returned to see your bald patch! Hope it's growing in. I quiver at the thought of taking radical action on so many things, but after it's done, I usually feel a lot better for it. Love the primroses in your earlier post - I was up near Lindisfarne for a week (down from you) and there were primroses everywhere. Might blog about it. If so, your pic will come in useful. Thanks.