Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Nec tamen consumebatur

Final entry (for now) about Dunkeld cathedral. Inside the church (the bit with a roof), there's a really nice, worship-ful atmosphere. In each pew there's a wee card with some thoughts to help you spend 5 minutes praying - I liked this.

However, I was really taken by the carpet in front of the communion table. Aye, I know how weird that sounds but look carefully at the photo and see all of the elements that make it up.

I think that the burning bush is a very appropriate feature in a church that survived the excesses of the Protestant mob. It's also the symbol of the Church of Scotland, which has the motto nec tamen consumebatur (hence the title of this entry). For those of you who didn't 'enjoy' a classical education (although I don't remember a lot of joy declining Latin verbs), it means 'However it was not consumed'. Pretty apt, don't you think?

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His Girl Friday said...

It's sad to think of the art and literature that has been destroyed.