Monday, 7 April 2008

Will we, won't we?

We spent a day out and about - as a family, all three of us - with no shopping! And we all enjoyed it.

We dithered and swithered about going out today. The forecast wasn't great; we didn't feel well prepared for walking about the Scottish countryside in unpredictable weather; and getting out of the house seemed to take forever... but we went anyway.

The day was to serve two purposes. Firstly, it was to be a photo day. This was Dolly D's idea, but I didn't need any persuasion, and may become a regular feature of our family time. Secondly, she needed to get some walking done to try out new boots before she goes on a Duke of Edinburgh expedition towards the end of May. Both objectives were fulfilled.

We spent the morning in Dunkeld , had lunch, then went for a walk past the Hermitage to Rumbling Bridge. It was thoroughly enjoyable for all of us, so hopefully we'll keep going and spend a bit more quality time together.

The photo is of Dunkeld with the Cathedral near the centre of the frame. (More photos later in the week.)

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Dolly D said...

Going to happen again tommorow! Hmmm it was really enjoyable when we got lost though! That was funny!