Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The Scots version of YouTube?

Over dinner tonight I had to chastise Dolly D for verbally abusing her mother.

The radio was playing in the background (the excellent Bryan Burnett's 'Bring it on'). I heard a song that I loved - Ann Peebles version of I Can't Stand the Rain - see below. The Fish Wife (knowing how my mind works... well, up to a point!) said words to the effect:

"Your dad will be straight on to Amazon to download that after dinner."

The response was a dismissive - "Amazon! You mean, iTunes - ya choob!" At least, that's what I heard. Dolly D claims to have said and meant something different - a likely tale!

[For the benefit of non-Scots or anyone else struggling to make sense of this, the dictionary of the Scots Language contains the following definition:

TUBE, n. Add variant choob. Term of abuse for a person.
*Gsw. 1992 Ian Pattison More Rab C. Nesbitt Scripts 147: NESBITT. It's me! It's yir Da! BURNEY. I know it's you, ya tube!]

Unfortunately I was too slow to wheel out my 'you'll be grounded 'til you're 38 speech', as I was desperately trying to remember the name of the singer that started all of this. Luckily I know how the Fish Wife's brain works (... well, up to a point) so I knew that she would remember.

All of this nonsense has now got my brain working - what would other well-known websites be called if they were named in Scots? Any suggestions?


His Girl Friday said...


TricketTunes...BeezerNet...HoachingHame, Living lively music...er, I'd better stop here... ;)

His Girl Friday said...

eh, wjec??
should have read 'teens...

word verification oops, actually. However, was it an internet freudian for 'well, eject teen from dining area...' ;D

Lins Honeyman said...

Good to hear your daughter is speaking her native tongue. Another phrase to use in these situations is "ya pure daftie." Works equally well.

Much prefer Ann Peebles' version to the Tina Turner one. Great song.

Dolly D said...

I want to point out that was no where near what I said! I meant itunes and youtube as a list! i wasn't calling "The Fish Wife" a tube! :)