Thursday, 30 August 2007

That's very nearly an armful!

I gave blood today and couldn't stop thinking about Tony Hancock's "The Blood Donor" (you can find it in three parts on YouTube).

Skived off work early after a meeting finished early. My giving has been a bit erratic over the years. In one place that I worked we were able to give on site. This fostered a sense of community spirit and also made it easier to give regularly. When I left there, I got out of the habit - primarily due to laziness. Back on track now.

It's painless and there's the lure of Tunnock's tea cakes afterwards!

Enjoy the Hancock, and think about giving if you don't already do so.

" something for the benefit of the country as a whole ... become a blood donor or join the Young Conservatives?"

No brainer really!!


That Hideous Man said...

They rejected my blood!

Endlessly restless said...

Yes - they're very discerning. Actually the rules are getting longer and longer - something to do with our litigious culture?

That Hideous Man said...

I think it was English blood they were objecting to!

That Hideous Man said...

At our church youth group we were once set the challenge of performing the parable of the Good Samaritan in a contemporary way - in order to recapture the shock-value of the original.

The youth leaders had a fit when we stood up and said, "We proudly present: The Parable of the Good Young Conservative".

Too political, apparently (unlike the original? Aye-right!)