Saturday, 18 August 2007

A reliable source of quiet power

As part of my summer 'catch up' reading, I stumbled across "One minute for yourself" by Spencer Johnson. I thought that I'd grown out of this kind of self-help book, but as the theme seemed to chime in with my lingering interest in the concept of Sabbath, and it was a short read, I gave it a go.

To be honest, I didn't enjoy the format - it was a bit too contrived for my taste. But I did find myself applying the simple message of taking one minute for myself at various times during the day to ask myself 'Is there a better way right now for me to take good care of Me?'. It seems to have helped this week, but the proof will be found over the long-term.

"So you are really saying that the better you manage your inner self, the more you enjoy all that life has to offer."

This seems so obvious, yet how many of us actually put it into practice each day?

Am I recommending this book - not really. There are other similar books on this topic that I'd like to explore first, bit if you've got a copy lying around it would be worth having a quick read through.

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