Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Love and preparation

Over on his blog, Mark Sanborn quotes Joel Weldon:

“You prepare for what you love.”

I was thinking about this as I prepared for a meeting today - I was on the train travelling to the venue as I was reading the material. Just another routine meeting among dozens in every month. No fuss, minimum preparation - go in, hope there are no difficult questions, go home, file the papers... ready for the next meeting. As it happens, this isn't a meeting that would fall into the category of 'loved'.

Anyway, I think that I want to modify the quotation from Weldon.
For me, it's more a case of degrees of preparedness:

  • We willingly and eagerly prepare for what we truly love;
  • We reluctantly prepare for what we deem to be necessary;
  • We 'wing it' for what we consider to be without value, but inescapable.

There may be other degrees - but I think that it's about recognising our attitude towards something - meeting, presentation, Bible Study, family celebration - by the way that we approach it. In my emerging thoughts about developing daily discipline (DDD), it's also about what we do after the event - do we review it, do we follow up actions, do we reflect and learn?

And also, is our preparation attitude reflected in the way we behave within a situation?

So what does this say to me about last night's church meeting? Hmmm... reflection needed!

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Mark said...

Well said! I agree with you that the amount of preparation we make should be directly related to the , people, activities and outcomes we value. A perfectionist is someone who invests the same level of time, energy and commitment to a task regardless of the value of that task.