Saturday, 11 August 2007

Wet Saturday

The weather forecast said that the rain would clear by midday - it didn't. It's rained all day (more or less). So my plans for some intensive gardening have been completely thwarted - other than nipping out briefly to take some photos.

Well, sometimes you just have to live with these things. Slowing down today has definitely been good for me. After a tiring week it's been good to catch up with newspapers, watch more sport than is good for me ... I've also managed a couple of more constructive things - wrote a Bible study for the group of teenagers who meet here every week (I'm back to bad habits of 'just in time'), did a little exercise and cooked dinner (chicken and pasta recipe that I made up as I went along).

On the face of it, not very exciting, but I feel refreshed and positive. This ties in with thoughts about the real significance and benefit of having a weekly Sabbath - more of that in another post.

In fact, it's been a very positive day, which I didn't and couldn't have planned.

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