Monday, 20 August 2007

Too much church??

Surprisingly, this is not a rant about too many church services and meetings. It's more a half-baked thought (or conversation starter) - it's something that I want to think through a bit more.

I wonder if we/I spend too much time and energy 'doing' church rather than 'being' church. In part my thinking has been prompted by a visit from our church's link missionaries (more about them another time) and in part by reading the story of Jesus' rejection in his hometown.

Improving church organisation, etc is important, but so is building and being part of a loving, inclusive, incarnational community that is ready to be amazed by Jesus - week after week after week. I'm concerned that we've become so comfortable and complacent in the western church that we're settling for re-arranging the flowers rather than turning the world right side up.

I'll need to chew this over a bit.

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