Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Good words ...

"Tell me if I'm going crazy
But everything you said amazed me
It seems too easy on the ear to
Be something I should adhere to"

Warmer Climate – Snow Patrol

“And so my argument is simple: the greatest of evils that touches the deepest places of conscience demands the greatest of endeavour.

The greatest of challenges now demands the boldest of initiatives.

To address the worst of poverty we urgently need to summon up the best efforts of humanity.

I want to summon into existence the greatest coalition of conscience in pursuit of the greatest of causes.”

- Gordon Brown, speech to United Nations on 31 July 2007

To my surprise I found myself uplifted by Gordon Brown’s speech. A politician recalling promises made … remarkable. George Bush described Brown as being principled – so principled that in response he wasn’t drawn in to flattering Bush – interesting.

Of course the words need to be followed up by actions, but credit where it’s due.

The picture I’ve attached is by Kandinsky. It's called “Der rote Platz” (Red Square) and was painted in 1916, during one of his more optimistic moods – his aim was to present a joyful view of the future.

There is hope!

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