Monday, 13 August 2007

Just like Tiger ... kinda

According to the BBC Sport website "Tiger Woods said the hours he dedicates to fitness training had paid off as he won his 13th major at the USPGA at Oklahoma's sweltering Southern Hills."

Well, I was sweating it out in the gym after work today - the air conditioning is broken!

But while I'm not (quite) a finely honed athlete like Tiger, I do realise the value of regular exercise. Of course, the hard part is committing to it AND following it through.

I have been struggling to get to the gym recently. I've packed my bag and put it in the car in the morning; I've left work early to go to the gym; I've completed my commute and I'm nearly there, but somehow the next thing I know, I'm reversing my car into the garage.

During a minute of quiet reflection today I realised why. At this point you have to promise not to laugh before you read on - OK?

There are 2 routes that I can take to get to the gym on my way home from work. One takes me past my house before I get to the gym; the other takes me past the gym before I get home. If I choose option 2, then I always end up at the gym. Option 1 is the road to hell - paved with good intentions but with no output!

Sometimes the most obvious things are obscured from our vision!

Finally, Accenture have got a fantastic series of adverts featuring Tiger Woods (I like clever adverts).

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