Saturday, 21 June 2008

Compost Corner

I spent several hours in the garden today (and I'm feeling a few aches and pains in my ageing body!). Most of the time was spent trying to sort out Compost Corner. This is an area that we've set aside to manage our compost. Since we garden organically, the generation of our own compost is quite important to us. It helps us to recycle a lot of material and it's satisfying to see the vegetable peelings, grass, paper etc breaking down and forming nutritious, beneficial compost.

However, there is a downside - it can be hard work. We've got 4 bins for compost - the idea being that the material moves along the bins until it's ready for use. Transferring the decomposing material is labour intensive - and frequently neglected. Unsurprisingly, it's also the most prolific area of the garden for weeds!

Anyway, after today's efforts (including valuable contributions from the Fish Wife)it's looking a lot better now.

The name Compost Corner was given to it by a friend who is a professional gardener. It was years later that I made the connection with the anarchic children's television show TISWAS. The clip below gives you an idea of the insanity of it all - but be warned if you like The Who, you may not want to watch it!


Tess said...

Oh my God! It's far cry that that fringed jacket Roger Daltry used to wear at all their gigs in the late 60s!
Hilarious video, and I'm afraid it has quite eclipsed for me your composting tales.

AnneDroid said...

I wasn't allowed to watch Tiswas. I'm not sure why. We were strictly a Blue Peter family. I watched your clip but don't tell my mum, even though I'm 42.

His Girl Friday said...

funny vid...'compost corner' will forever be etched in my memory!!

like the garden photie! :)