Sunday, 1 June 2008

Developing Daily Discipline

Over the past decade or so I’ve been collecting articles, snippets, tips and ideas that I have come to associate with ‘developing daily discipline’. The first time that I can find myself using that term specifically was in December 2005, when I was maintaining a reflective journal for a course that I was on at the time. I wrote:

“I’ve written frequently in this journal about: ‘I need to …’. While it’s good to identify areas for improvement, ideas need to be put into practice. For me – I think – this is most likely to happen if changes are introduced as daily disciplines.”

Since then I’ve been a bit more conscious of gathering material on a variety of topics that can loosely be associated with this theme. So I’ve decided to start posting some of them in this blog.

Very few of them will be in any way original; many will be simple; many will be idiosyncratic or even self-centred. Over the years some of these disciplines have changed; some have been completely jettisoned; others exist as ideas that have yet to be tested by me.

Feel free to add comments, include your own ideas or variations on the theme.

I’ll probably post a couple of thoughts each week, but there are no promises!

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