Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Dreams and reality

I once was with somebody I liked very much -- an older person, when I was considerably younger than I am now. That person said, "Spend at least fifteen minutes a day weaving dreams. And if you weave a hundred, at least two of them will have a life." So continue with a dream and don't worry whether it can happen or not; weave it first. Many people have killed their dreams by figuring out whether they could do them or not before they dream them. So, if you're a first rate dreamer, dream it out - several of them - and then see what realities can come to make them happen, instead of saying, "Oh, my God. With this reality, what can I dream?

-Virginia Satir

I know that blogging aficionados don't approve of posts consisting of quotations - but I don't care! I came across this recently and thought it was great, so I'm sharing it with you.

I also think that there's an alternative way of ending it - 'with this dream, what reality can I create?'


Anonymous said...

hmmm . . . i love a good quote! Ms. Satir has left a fine legacy with these words.

i also love bloggers who use them and blog readers who appreciate them.

i've yet to cross paths with a blogging aficionado and i pray that such a "disapproving" one doesn't cross mine!

i use quotes liberally . . . sometimes someone else can say it much, much better!!!!

That Hideous Man said...
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That Hideous Man said...

You are right to disregard such online conventions - a good quote is always worth sharing.

(1st attempt removed b/c of a typo!)

Lins Honeyman said...

"You are right to disregard such online conventions - a good quote is always worth sharing."

That Hideous Man 2008


That Hideous Man said...

Very witty Lins - you should write a blog!


His Girl Friday said...

good one, gents, you gave me a chuckle! :D

keep goin' with the quotes... :)

AnneDroid said...

Who needs afficionados anyway? (In other fields too, that is a valid question). Let's do what we want on our own blogs, which is surely the point of them being OURS.

His Girl Friday said...

you rebel, you!! ;)

lucy said...

oh my, i wasn't aware of the blog afficiando's ruling. guilty on my part for sure and so glad you broke the rules and shared this quote. it is absolutely wonderful. dream on!!!