Sunday, 1 June 2008

Thrupenny thoughts??

Where did the name for this blog come from?

Well, originally it was going to be called “DDD” (as in Developing Daily Discipline), but I thought that might attract the wrong kind of attention – and therefore disappoint readers!

My next thought was 3d, which seemed a lot safer but still carried the potential to confuse.

Then I realised that 3d was how we used to depict threepence (thrupence) in writing. (Yes, I remember using pre-decimilisation British coinage.) This coin would have a relative low value nowadays (slightly more than one penny). It’s also multi-sided – a quaint feature of some British coins, which I like. It’s actually a duodecagon (that’s 12 sided).

So Thrupenny Thoughts seemed to be an appropriate name and metaphor for a blog that will cover different aspects of developing daily discipline (multi-sided), with the thoughts being of limited value in their own right!

Well, it makes sense to me!


Tess said...

I, too, remember the thruppeny bit. What a magnificent coin it was, so tactile and solid.
It was my brother's 70th birthday recently and I got him a 1938 thruppeny bit from E-Bay to go with his main present. It was just as good as I remember.
Look forward to reading this new blog.

lucy said...

what a great name! thank you for sharing your thought process in arriving at it. i think metaphors are just about the coolest thing around...right up there with paradox which always reminds me of God...
look forward to seeing what arrives here.