Thursday, 26 June 2008


I think that I want to moderate some of what I said in my previous entry - it was maybe a wee bit self-centred.

I'm a morning person - always have been. So my encouragement to get up early and spend time reflecting was based on my own preferences and habits. It would have been more appropriate to have encouraged readers to find some time during each day to be still and think about the things that are of ultimate importance to you.

If you can do it at the same time each day - that's great. If you can't (maybe working irregular shifts), you'll know best how to fit it in.

A thought was triggered this morning (listening to a sermon on podcast) - for many people, summer is a pretty good time to try to find this kind of space. A lot of regular activities take a break, so there can be fewer commitments. In my particular example, it's easier to get up a bit earlier when it's daylight outside and relatively warm (I'm hoping that it's an established habit by the time winter comes!). It's also a time when there seems to be a positive feeling in the air, and maybe holidays provide an opportunity for reflection - as well as relaxation and fun.

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