Monday, 2 June 2008

Loose change

His Girl Friday commented on my Friday photo that she hadn't seen a coin with a portcullis on it before. At the time I didn't think much about it... then I realised that I have (apart from the thrupenny bit!). The answer was right in front of me - lying on my desk.

Aye the 'new' penny also features the portcullis. ('New' is of course a relative term - these coins were introduced in 1971!) I hadn't spotted the connection before. In a sense it's not surprising that some of our coins feature medieval architetural features. Not because we're stuck in a time warp or we're always looking backwards (although a case can probably be made for each of these!). No, the reason is that the portcullis is the symbol/ icon of the Houses of Parliament.

On reflection, I wonder if I'm oblivious to the coins that I use (not very frequently) because of the general affluence and associated carelessness of our lifestyles or if I simply haven't noted the detail because of all the other nonsense swirling around inside my head?

This random musing begs another question - what else is right in front of us that we don't notice?


That Hideous Man said...

Yes new money came in Feb 1971. My mum went into hospital to have me - and when she came out a week later, the currency had changed!

His Girl Friday said...

well, HM, I'm not sure that that is what all that changed...or needed changing! ;)

that is so true...what is it right before us, around us that we are too preoccupied or busy to notice! Hmmmmmm.....